SkyRC SR5 Super-Rider RC Bike 1:4 RTR Brushless

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Compleet ready to run geleverd! Uitpakken, accu laden en racen. Met Brushless motor voor mooie snelheden.

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Product information "SkyRC SR5 Super-Rider RC Bike" 
A bike must be bold, distinctive and aggressively elegant. Here is our Super Rider- 1:4 scale dirt bike which will get your heart racing and your blood boiling. 

SKYRC Super Rider SR5 is a fully ready-to-run 1/4 dirt motocross. All electronics and other components are installed in the factory. The users only need to install the battery, and then it is ready to run. It is very stable even at very low speed.What's more, it is also able to do quick brake and jump in every different terrain and can do the offroad function in a superior way.

Incredible Stability

The point users concern most is the stability of the motocross. This newly-developed Super Rider SR5 features a revolutionary stability technology ESS(Electronic Stability System).
This system consists of a gyro effect governor and an electronic gyro in rear wheel which makes the bike super stable when running.

Innovative Electronic Stability System (ESS) built into the rear wheel incorporates a powerful brushless motor and flying wheel which will provide gyro effect for optimal stability. Individual RPM(Rotations Per Minute) setting on the flying wheel can be selected through Gyro Effect Governor Board. High RPM provides optimal stability but less cornering and low RPM provides more maneuverability but less stability.

Amazing Power

Power is everything in motocross, and the SR5 comes with Toro 540 class 3200KV Brushless Motor and Leopard 60A ESC V2. When the power system works, it will burn out monster power. Even the motocross fall down, the monster power can make it stand up by itself. Users can run it wherever he feels like and however fast he wants. Up hills and flying over jumps or traveling on gravel and grass, dirt or pavement. Users can scream down straight away and corner with confidence.

Delicate Workmanship

The anodized aluminum chassis and metal chain driver make the motocross strong and durable.

Real "RTR"

When you open the box, you will find following parts:

  • RC Bike w/ Rider x 1 set 
  • eN3 Charger 
  • Pairing wire x1 pc 
  • Transmitter x1 pc 
  • 4x AA Battery for Radio 
  • Instruction Manual x1 pc 
  • Support Bar x1 pair 
  • Replacement Pack x1 pc 
  • NiMH Battery (6S, 3000mAh) 
  • Wrench x2 pcs

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